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- 16th International Triennal of Sculpture - Poznan 2009 - Poland

. Marino di Teana is the guest of honour at the 16th International Triennale of Sculpture in Poznan (cultural capital of Poland).
The entrance hall of the castle of Poznan has been reserved to him for the exhibition of his sculptures, bronzes, projects and gigantic photos of monumental sculptures, as well as paintings, that normally come into view like painted architecture. It deals with works that testify the amazing mind of this genial sculptor-architect-urbanist-painter.

. The city of Poznan, the cultural center Zamek and a jury presided by Robert Sabocinsky, member of the board, and composed of international art critics have conferred to Marino the Medal of Honour for the general work.

October2nd - November 11th

Download exhibition catalog in english here
Photos of the show

Web site of triennal

- Art and Architecture : One-Man show at the Krings-Ernst Gallery
KÖLN - Germany

. In addition to the architectural sculptures and the paintings of Marino, the Gallery introduces a lot of projects of urbanism of Marino as well as many models realized with chalk. They are harmonious and lyric chalk pieces built on the base of extremely simple geometric figures. They represent the corollary of the philosophical conception of Marino since 1950, concerning the search on the Space. Marino’s architectural sculptures are always transferable into houses, hospitals, and schools or even into big cities and they suggest an urbanism of the future that famous art critics, important professional magazines, art dictionaries, like the Grand Larousse Encyclopédique since 1956 illustrated.

. The Krings-Ernst Gallery in this occasion has translated the essay of Marino 1 + 1 = 3 : El Hombre y el Universo Móbiles Lógica Triunitaria into German and English.

An important exhibition of Marino at the Krings-Ernst Gallery in Köln from September 15th to November 15th 2009.

Photos of the show

- The most important ART SHOW FIAC-ART ÉLYSÉES 2009

. A week for contemporary art fairs appointments and meetings in Paris: FIAC (International Fair of Contemporary Art) - Arts Elisee at the Grand Palais and the Champs Elysées in PARIS

The Michèle Broutta Gallery introduces a series of unpublished bronzes of Marino which date back to years ‘50

Art Élysées, october 21st to 26th 2009
avenue des Champs Élysées - 75008 PARIS.



Lydia Harambourg, historian of art, and the deputy Mayor Nicolas Dupont-Aignan introduce 72 sculptors to the second Biennale of Yerres in the Caillebotte’s Park of Yerres.

A Great Architectural Sculpture of Marino is presented at the exhibition. Many visitors for the french patrinony's day.

September18th - November 29th

A catalogue is edited at Somogy Editions d'Art

List of sculptors

Marino di Teana dedicate three newbooks :

- " 1+1=(3) ? " the tri-unitarian logic. Artistical and philosophical theory. In french, english and german. New edition 2009.

- " Le Dinamiche di Mario di Teana" by Giovanni Percoco. Italian 2008.

- " Periplo della scultura di Marino di Teana nel suo paese Natale : Teana " . Itallian,
Many pictures. 2009.

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- A great sculpture to be discovered in Paris :

. In 1979 Marino realized a sculpture named "Spatial Ship" on 1% State artistic application (Architect. F. Davy) for the elementary School in Rue d’Alésia n. 3 in 75014 Paris. The sculpture, whose dimensions are 2,60 meters high x 1,10 x 2 is in steel corten.

news of summer 2009 :
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