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. The region Basilicata ordered 4 monumental sculptures in steel Cor-ten for the city of Teana.

. Upcoming solo show in the Galleria Civica Comunale di Palazzo Loffredo, organised by the city of Potenza, capital city of Basilicata.

. The first Marino di Teana Museum is being built in Chiaromonte (Lucania) with the Roma University "La Sapienza".

. Publishing of the new Giovanni Percoco's book "La pittura i disegini".
( Mr Percoco is professor and biographer Marino di Teana)

. To download: Article de G. SEGATO & G.Percoco 8 pages from the Italian magazine ART & ART. 2007.

exposition munster


. Pieces of work of Marino di Teana exposed at ART BASEL 2008, the world's premier art show for modern and contemporary works, with the LAHUMIERE Gallery.

. Installation of a monumental sculpture in the gardens of the Vaumarcus Castel XIIth century, near the Neuchatel Lake.
With others sculptures of Niki de st Phalle, Bernard Venet, Arnoldo Pomodoro, Botero...

tableau espace


. Official representation of Marino di Teana at the KRINGS ERNST GALLERY, COLOGNE.
Golstein st. 106 50968 Köln -

. ART et ARCHITECTURE : Planed exhibitions with the main architectural models of "Cities of the Future", the concept of Marino di Teana's architectural sculpture. With the kind participation of Saarlandmuseum Moderne Galerie in Saarbrucken.
Pictures of this Great show in 1987


Marino di Teana present in the impressive art collection SATORU SATO ART MUSEUM funded by the city of TOME.
Current exhibitions with artists like Agam, Chilida, Cruz-Diez, Delaunay, Freundlich, Nemours, Mondrian, Soto, Tomasello, Vasarely...

Sato writing Marino di Teana in japanes with her brush: diteana-japonais

musee saotru sato


. Upcomming new illustrated book writing by Marc Gaillard, art historian, correspondent at the Institute Fine Arts.
A different regard of the artistic life of Marino di Teana. With many unpublished archival pictures.

A sculpture in the art collection of the "Société Générale" bank. Presented in the new website
This collection is now on view until March 14 in Casablanca, Marocco.

. For spring 2008, inauguration of the renovated St Flour's cathedral, with stained glass drawn and the door in bronze made by Diteana.

. 3 sculptures of Marino di Teana in the BEAUVAIS MUSEUM, by the donation of the collection Maurice Allemand.
Upcomming exhibition of this collection : "Art in France for years 1950 - 1970"
From 30 april 2008 to 15 september 2008 - Musée Départemental de l'Oise
1 rue du Musée Ancien Palais Episcopal - BEAUVAIS 60000 - near to the famous Beauvais's cathedral.

. The catalog 41 sculptors at Yerres biennial published by SOMOGY
The sculpture was the symbol : over 7 000 visitors for this first biennial.

. Sculptures in permanent exhibition on sales in the Michèle BROUTTA gallery.

. New acquiring by FRAC Centre of the painting of the architecturals cities, in view to do futures exhibitions.

. The sculptures of Marino di Teana published by ARTCURIAL are in the new Pierre-Alain CHALLIER GALERY in Paris
PACéA Successor Publishing Artcurial - 8 rue Debelleyme 75004 Paris

vitrail cathedrale
Premiers vitraux réalisés
biennale dupont-aignan

Diteana, Lydia Harambourg, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan


- 2 originals works in the de Daniel Couturier collection of art weathervanes.
Composed since 1974, this collection consits of 60 vanes specially designed by contemporary artists like Morelet, Couturier, Gillioli, Hajdu, Pages, Lardera..., and have an amazing success with the public.

Europeen tour exhibition : "Du vent dans les Girouettes"
from 9 march to 30 april 2008 in the culture museum of Marche-en-Famenne - Ardennes

girouette d'art


The sculpture "TRIBUTE to MOISSAC (a beautiful medieval citie in France)", exposed in the Modern Art Museum of Paris. is now acquired by the MAGEN H.GALLERY XX CENTURY DESIGN in Manhattan.

hommage moissac musee d'art moderne paris

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