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fev. 2011
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TO DISCOVER: TWO MONUMENTAL SCULPTURE IN PROVENCE (clik on the pictures to see photos report)
Tribute to Pier-Luigi Nervi. Inox steel 1965. 8m
Carpentras - Vaucluse
Monumental sculpture of the military camp of Canjuers.
Carbon steel 1973. 20m - Var
- The JH. Fabre school sculpture

. In 1964, Marino di Teana performs one of the few monumental sculptures in stainless steel.

Marino di Teana welded and sanded the sculpture entirely by hand. We can see today this work unaffected by time. The architectural shape perfectly balanced shows the possibility to build a very large structure like a building or a city.

The sculpture is a tribute to Pier Luigi Nervi, one of the masters of Italian contemporary architecture

The high shcool Jean Henri Fabre is equipped and maintained by the Region PACA and General Coucil of Vaucluse. 387 av. du Mont Ventoux 84200 Carpentras town center.
Architect : Jean Balladur

More photos on this link here

- The Canjuers sculpture.

Canjuers is the largest military camp in Europe ( 35 000 Hectares, 100 000 sodiers a year for fire training.

For the construction of the camp 1% of the budget is allocated for an artistic work.
Marino DI TEANA et Morice LIPSI are chosen by Michel Debré, the minister of Defence.

Marino di Teana realize a monumental architectural structure, used for the official flag.
It's a tribute to the soldiers of the world.

He's the first to use steel bar likeness "H" in the contemporary sculpture.
The weight is about 20 tons and the mast is 20 meters high, without ground.

Defense Department, French Army, Draguignan
Architect : Louis Schneider.

More photos on this link here

Marino di Teana's sculptures and other works (knut Navrot, Robert Currie, De Lussigny...) was presented at the Bologna art Show, on the booth of Gimpel Fils London and Gimpel & Muller galery.

é una scoperta !" (it's a discovery !)

was the opinion of chief editor of AD Magazine Italy, and the general feeling of the public.

New catalog published for the show
Marino di Teana filosofo dello spazio "
sending on request.

ArteFiera 2011 Bologna : Many visitors was on this very important contemporary art show in Italy.

There were over 150 galleries exhibited an art more "classic", without "artistic delirium"
(Connaissance des arts magazine)

Artfirst : The show continued inside the old town center of Bologna. This medieval city is already an artwork.

Photos of the exhibition

(on the construction of highest sculpture) is now available high def,
on YouTube

Marino Di Teana Sculpteur