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Vitraux de St flour par diteana

- The South Italy honours Marino Di Teana

Marino Di Teana is promoted citizen of Honnor of the Basilicata country in south Italy.
The sculpture "Dynamique" is installed in the entrance of the palace "Consiglio Regionale", and during this inauguration, the president awards him with a medal of the highest distinction of Basilicata.

Many press articles and a movie programmed on the RAI TV News, is now on the new Diteana video website www.sculpture-architecture.com

- New version for an italian website

To answer many inquiries, and in anticipation of a first museum in Italy,
the diteana's website is translated with the italian domain name :

- New video website : sculpture-architecture.com

This new website presents the filmography of Marino Di Teana :
. Longtime before Anselm Kieffer, Di Teana did " Monumenta " in the Grand Palais in 1963
. The building of the Fontenay's monumental sculpture by Arno and Marc Gaillard
. Exhibition of the National Saarbrucken Museum, etc ...

This videos can be donwloaded or viewed online.

- Art show ART-PARIS Grand Palais

Many pictures of the One-Man Show ArtParis 2007 did by the Michèle BROUTTA Gallery.

- " Steel monster ", " shocking uggly sculpture ", " disfiguring wart " ...

Like the Effeil tower or the famous Parisian art center Georges Pompidou, the monumental Fontenay's steel sculpture had a lot of bad critics, when it was inaugurated, as showed in this France Soir 's article.

- Biennial of sculpture in Yerres

Marino Di Teana participate at the first biennial of sculpture near Paris, gathering 41 living famous sculptors : Couturier, Nicolas Alquin, Arrada, Albert Feraud, Dietrich Mohr, Vincent Batbedat, Antoine Poncet, Caroline Lee, Denis Montfleur...

Upon the initiative of Lydia HARAMBOURG (historienne, critique d'art, correspondant à l'institut) This exhibition take place in the impressionist painter Gustave Caillebotte's magnificient estate.
From 13th september to 2nd december 2007.

A website will be created, and a book will be published at SOMOGY Edition d'art for this event.

- Stained glass windows in the St Flour's cathedral, the medieval city of the Auvergne country

Diteana made the door in bronze and the rosette. He's now in charge of conceiving and of drawing the totality of 16 stained glasses of the cathedral.
The sculptor replaces in the means age and is inspired by the history(story) of the Emperor Frederic II of Hohenstaufen, contemporary of St Louis.
With the architects of the batiments de France, Di Teana participates in the manufacturing of stained glasses with the glassworker.

Peview of the stained glass windows. Diteana's drawings.

The august 8th 2007, Marino di Teana is 87 years old. Marino Di Teana Sculpteur
new website

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